It Takes Guts

The battle of the bulge has some new opponents fighting it out: good versus bad bacteria that live in your gut. The latest science suggests that losing weight is not just a matter of eating less and exercising more. The answer may lie in our gut microbiome.

It Takes Guts reveals cutting edge research that turns conventional medical wisdom on its head. We have always thought of bacteria as our enemy. But now we know some bacteria are our allies. And that radical idea is being tested by researchers, sometimes even using their own families as guinea pigs, in labs and homes across Europe and North America.

In this film, director Leora Eisen looks into how diet impacts our gut microbiome, why some foods make us fat, while others nourish healthy bacteria. A documentary that gives new meaning to trust your “gut feeling”.

Congratulations to the team! It Takes Guts won at Yorkton Film Festival for Best Science Documentary category (2016). It also took  “Special Jury Award” at Worldfest Houston 2016.

Want to see this documentary again, you can now see it on CBC GEM


Director Leora Eisen

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