The Adventurers: The Last Nomads

Follows Vancouver linguist Ian Mackenzie as he tracks the last true nomadic hunting and gathering people on earth – the Penan of Borneo.  Their way of life is quickly disappearing as aggressive logging interests swallow up their forest habitat.  Mackenzie has spent years compiling the very first dictionary of the unique Penan language – a language that has words for every forest plant and creature, a language that is a window into an entirely different way of seeing the world. It is also a language on the edge of disappearing.  A beautiful, but heart-breaking look at a very singular people on the brink of obliteration.

(Part 1 of 4)


Director Andrew Gregg 

    • Bronze Plaque, 57th Columbus Film and TV Festival ‘Chris Awards’
    • Silver Screen Award: “Social Issues,” 2009 U.S. International Film & Video Festival
    • Special Jury Award, 2009 WorldFest Houston Film Festival
    • Grand Prize, 2008 Banff Mountain Film Festival
    • Honourable Mention for Best Canadian Film, Planet In Focus 2008
    • Special Jury Mention, ECO OKO Environmental Film Festival, Sarajevo
    • Best Documentary Series, 2009 Gemini Award
    • Best Film on Mountain Culture, 2008 Banff Mountain Film Festival
    • Best Documentary Social/Political, 2009 Yorkton Golden Sheaf
    Telluride Film Festival 2008; Planet In Focus international film festival; Banff Mountain Film Festival; Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2008; Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2009 (UK); 2009 Frozen River Film Festival (USA), ECO OKO Environmental Film Festival (Sarajevo), 2009 WorldFest Houston; 2009 Yorkton Golden Sheaf; 2009 Columbus Film and TV Festival