The Museum

A two-hour NFB-CBC co-production following the controversial renovation and re-design of the Royal Ontario Museum, with architect Daniel Libeskind and then-ROM CEO William Thorsell.


Director Kenton Vaughan
For CBC / National Film Board

    • Chris Statuette, 57th Columbus Film and TV Festival ‘Chris Awards’
    • Certificate of Creative Excellence, 2009 U.S. International Film & Video Festival
    • Platinum Award, 2009 WorldFest Houston Film Festival
    • Silver World Medal, Cutural Issues, 2009 New York TV Programming & Promotions Festival
    Festival du Nouveau Cinema, 2008 (Montreal); Possible Worlds 2008 (Sydney, Australia); New York TV Programming & Promotions, 2009 WorldFest Houston; 2009 Columbus Film and TV Festival