The Secret Mulroney Tapes

The Secret Mulroney Tapes is an intimate glimpse, as reflected in his own words, at the legacy and character of one of Canada’s most influential, and still controversial, Prime Ministers. Under his leadership the country was, undeniably, transformed. Although it’s been years since he last occupied the PM’s seat in the House of Commons, the jury is still out as to what role Mulroney will play in the history books. Is he a villain, or a hero?  Ask many people and they’ll likely answer with the former.  Ask the man himself, and he’ll say the latter.

The Secret Mulroney Tapes is structured around dozens of taped interviews and private conversations between Brian Mulroney and Peter C. Newman, well-known author, biographer, and former Mulroney confidant. Newman’s book, The Secret Mulroney Tapes: Unguarded Confessions of a Prime Minister, raised a storm of controversy when details of some of the former P.M.’s candid comments on his peers were made public. Beyond the titillation of insider gossip, however, The Secret Mulroney Tapes offers an inside look at the Mulroney years from deep inside the PMO, and provides vivid visual context on that whole era of Canadian history to complement the candid commentary of the Prime Minister that runs throughout the film. Newman’s interviews with Mulroney got the real scoop on events as they actually happened. Hearing these interviews for the first time, television viewers will learn what was really going on behind closed doors concerning key issues in this country’s history.


Director Mike Sheerin

    • Special Jury Remi, 2006 Worldfest Houston
    • The Chris Award, 2006 Columbus International Film and Video Festival
    • Best History Documentary, 2006 Gemini Awards
    • Best Direction in a Documentary, Mike Sheerin, 2006 Gemini Awards