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Looking for a Science/Nature Documentary Co-Director…

By News

Are you a documentary director interested in making science and nature films and working with the CBC?

90th Parallel Productions is looking for a Co-Director for an upcoming episode of The Nature of Things. The upcoming season of The Nature of Things will feature new hosts and brings with it the opportunity to expand and diversify the storytelling and perspectives of the show. We’re looking for someone with directing experience who can contribute their own unique vision but will benefit from the guidance of an experienced science and nature director.

This is a paid position where you will work closely with the production team and Director to learn how an episode of The Nature of Things is put together. This begins in prep, where you’ll have a chance to contribute to the creative planning for the film. You’ll then be on set for some of the shoots and participate in post during the edit. You’ll also be responsible for the digital content for the film, which will include 2-3 short videos cut from footage already shot. The commitment for this project is part-time and could be done alongside other work. 

Interested candidates should apply with a CV and cover letter to by January 18th, 2023.

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